DeTron Inc. Introduces QDK Technology, Enabling True Personal Trusted Identity For Cloud Era

Quantum Direct Key (QDK) Cryptosystem is Simple, Efficient and Virtually Unbreakable; System Reliably Establishes Personal Identity for Today?s Cloud Applications and Services

SAN FRANCISCO, USA (September 27, 2012) DeTron Inc., today announced the availability of QDK (Quantum Direct Key), a true innovation in personal trusted identity technology and the first to meet the evolving global demands for cloud-based applications and services. Built with a proprietary algorithm, QDK satisfies all the key elements necessary to protect and empower the individual in a world dominated by cyber-activity: privacy, security, interoperability and ease of use... more Offers A Robust Online Backup Service

SAN FRANCISCO, USA (April 16, 2016) Carbonite is among the best cloud backup services. Offering unlimited online backup and a user-friendly dashboard interface, it makes the task of uploading your digital data to the cloud painless. is a comprehensive and robust online backup service that will keep your important files backed up with a minimum of fuss and virtually no interference. It's all controlled by a simple program that runs invisibly in the background. In fact, the recent release of Carbonite 4.0, makes the whole process even easier. They've simplified the setup and given you more options for restoring your files. Carbonite is the easiest online backup software to use. All you have to do is install a small application on your computer and the program looks for new and changed files to backup and does so quietly in the background so it doesn't interrupt what you are doing. It is completely unobtrusive. You will never even know it is running in the background quietly saving all of your data.
Considering the fact that all of Carbonite's personal plans come with an unlimited amount of storage space, their rates are surprisingly affordable. Their Basic plan only costs about $ $59.99 per year, roughly $4.99 per month per computer and you're able to upload as many files as you want to the cloud. One thing to be aware of with Carbonite's pricing structure is that you must pay for at least one year of service upfront. There are also two- and three-year terms available if one of these suits you better. The longer you subscribe for, the more money you save. If you plan on sticking with the same cloud storage service for a considerable amount of time, you're better off paying for a longer term when you sign up if you can manage it.
Personal service from Carbonite offers unlimited GB for a single computer license. The most basic package is priced at $59.99 for an annual contract. As features are added the price rises to $99.99 per year for Personal Plus or $149.99 for Personal Prime. Pro service from Carbonite offers 250 GB of storage for an unlimited number of computers for $269.99 per year. Pro Prime service offers 500 GB of storage for an unlimited number of computers for $599.99 per year. Server service from Carbonite provides greater server backup protection starting at $799.99 per year. It then increases to $899.99 for Server Prime and $999.99 for Server Pro Bundle. Carbonite also gives you 5% off your 2 year subscription and 10% off your 3 year subscription if you visit their top reseller and get the latest posted Carbonite cloud backup service offers on the HighTechcoupons website.
Business pricing starts at $229 a year, to use up to 250GB of backup space. If you require additional storage capacity, their business premier service runs $599 per year, and with it you get 500GB of backup space. Each plans offers unlimited disk space. With the upgraded option though, you also gain the ability backup your external drives and to create a mirror image of your desktop that enables you to back up your entire system, both options which are extremely convenient for any user.
They also offer a FREE trial period, which allows you to test them out and determine if the service that they provide is what you have been looking for. Most people that tryout the free service eventually become a regular paying member, since right at 70% of the people do eventually signup with Carbonite. Carbonite requires you to pay for a year's worth of service at a time, which could be a problem if you're on a budget. Personal users or small businesses may not have the money to pay for an entire year of cloud storage upfront, so it'd be nice to see Carbonite give these individuals the option of paying monthly for their services. Overall, Carbonite is a great option if you are looking for affordability, ease of use, unlimited storage, and an interface that is accessible for anyone. Compared to other cloud storage systems on the market, Carbonite seems like a promising choice for anyone that wants something reliable.In a recent deal they gave away 1000 of these great lightning cables as a free gift
Related news : Norton Security Is Offering 25% Off Coupons For A Limited Time. To use the online backup firm Carbonite?s software is a fairly easy process. All you do is simply download it, install it by clicking a few buttons, and then you will be pretty much finished with the operation, if you can believe it or not.
After that, each and every time you either modify a file, or create a new one, it will automatically be backed-up on Carbonite servers based on the schedule that you selected during the instillation process. If that is not simple enough for you, we really do not know what could be.

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